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Cameranesi Wants to Add Isobel Cup to Olympic and NCAA Titles

By Catherine Shelton, 06/14/18, 10:30AM EDT


While most athletes would be satisfied with an Olympic gold medal and a national championship, Dani Cameranesi has her eyes on another prize.

“What I am looking to accomplish is to win the Isobel Cup,” said Cameranesi. “That would be amazing alongside all of my teammates and for the city of Buffalo.”

Talk about the ultimate hockey Trifecta.

With two National Championships and a gold medal, Cameranesi is one Isobel Cup away from making an even bigger imprint on women’s hockey. Cameranesi has proven to be one of women’s hockey's most talented players, specifically when it comes to her quick speed and her tactical shot. In 2015 and 2016, she helped lead the University of Minnesota to two National Championships. Recently, Cameranesi had three goals and two assists at the 2018 Pyeongchang Olympics. With her winning track record it only makes sense she has her eyes set on the Isobel Cup.

After a whirlwind year for this Team USA gold medalist, Cameranesi extended her career by her recent signing with the Buffalo Beauts. A Minnesota native, she recently roomed with Buffalo native Emily Pfalzer, who raved about her hometown's strong fandom. This influenced Cameranesi’s decision to continue her journey with the Beauts. 

“They get a number of fans to the home games,” said Cameranesi. “They’re doing a great job starting that foundation to grow the game, and it’s a huge reason why I wanted to go to Buffalo and be a part of that.”

When asked about her decision to come to the NWHL, Cameranesi cited a responsibility as a female hockey player to advance the growth of the professional league.

“It’s amazing that we even have the opportunity to play in a league like the NWHL, since just a couple years ago it wasn’t actually around,” said Cameranesi. “To be able to have that platform to help grow the game, and to still be able to train and do what we love throughout the year is something I’m truly grateful for. I’m very excited to be playing in the NWHL next year.”