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#ItsAllForIsobel — Sarah Casorso: "Cup Confidence"

By As Told By Erik Wollschlager, 03/24/18, 12:30PM EDT


Photo By Michael Hetzel

Buffalo Beauts defender Sarah Casorso shares what she learned in Buffalo's first Cup run, and how she's helped translate it into success this season.

“The biggest factor in our success last year was buy-in. Each and every one of us committed ourselves to the team, to each other and to the strategy the coaches laid out for us. This year, our team came to that point much faster. Staying consistent with the points in our game that have made us successful so far will be key going into the championship game on Sunday.

“Confidence has been the most notable change I see in my game this year. I’m used to the tempo and pace of the game now and have been given the opportunity to take on a bigger role on the back end. That's allowed me to see some more ice. I’ve been more focused on having a strong defensive game rather than offensive game this year, and I’m happy with the improvement I’ve seen.

“We’re relentless, we’re disciplined and we work hard on and off the ice. The depth of our team has been a big factor as well. We have very balanced scoring across the roster. Anyone can be the hero at any point.

"It’s a special feeling. I’ve extremely proud of these girls and the girls that came before us. We’re not just building a franchise in the community, but we’re setting the stage and paving the wave for all the little girls coming up the line behind us who want to be professionals one day too and make a living at it."