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Q & A with All-Star Amanda Leveille

By Dan Rice , 02/08/18, 4:30PM EST


Photo By Michael Hetzel

Who: Amanda Leveille, Buffalo Beauts goaltender

All-Star Team: captain of Team Lev

Twitter: @MandyLeveille29

NWHL experience: 2nd season from the University of Minnesota 

2017-18 stats: 8-4-0, 1 shutout, 2.77 GAA, .911 save percentage

Career rank: 3rd all-time in NWHL wins (12), 1st all-time Buffalo wins (11) and shutouts (1)

NWHL: How’d you find out that you’d be a captain for the 2018 NWHL All-Star Game?

Amanda Leveille: I was actually training on the ice and when I came off and looked at my phone I had a text from Hayley Moore that said ‘can you call me when you have a free moment?’ So I did and she said that the All-Star Game is going to be in Minnesota - which for me was amazing because I was fortunate enough to play on the Gophers for four years. So to be able to have the All-Star Game in Minnesota was just fantastic. And then she said I was going to be captain of one of the teams - I was just blown away. I was completely honored and excited for that opportunity.

NWHL: When did Hayley tell you that you’d be picking your own team, and how much fun did you have with that?

Amanda Leveille: That was also quite a blast, being able to pick my own team. I picked a lot of players that I didn’t want to have to face in the All-Star Game (laughs), and some that have scored a few goals on me throughout the year. As you can see I picked a lot of my own team, especially on defense because I’m very confident with them. If I could have I would have picked the entire Beauts team just because they are such talented players and I’ve grown to be really good friends with them. But I couldn’t, unfortunately, pick my entire team. 

NWHL: By picking three Beauts defenders (Jordyn BurnsLisa ChessonSarah Edney) on your team was that a little thank you to them for protecting you and your crease?

Amanda Leveille: Yeah, absolutely. My defense is always there for me every single game. I think in the past three games I’ve had multiple different teammates come in, slide behind me, and block a shot that would’ve been a goal. Because I was - for whatever reason - deciding not to be in the blue paint (laughs). They’re obviously fantastic, they clear out my rebounds, work extremely hard in practice and games. I’m very confident with them in front of me and very grateful that they are on my team.

Photo By Michael Hetzel

NWHL: On the flip side, how mad are your Beauts’ teammates Hayley Scamurra and Corinne Buie that you didn’t select them?

Amanda Leveille: Haha, they’re not mad at all! I tried to get both of them but Brittany Ott beat me to it. Hopefully, they don’t score on me in the All-Star Game…that’d be something. 

NWHL: If they score on you during the game which one is more likely to remind you of it often?

Amanda Leveille: Oh probably both. But if they do score on me I’ll probably give them a fist-bump on the ice just because I’m happy for them. But hopefully, that doesn’t happen (grins).

NWHL: Will there be a goalie race this year and have you practiced for it yet?

Amanda Leveille: Yes there will be a goalie race. I have not practiced. Skating fast is not my strong suit (laughs) that was Bri’s thing. I’ll do my best, I’m mostly going to try not to toe-pick because that seems to be a pretty consistent thing with me every time I try to skate fast. It’ll be fun.

Photo By Michael Hetzel

NWHL: How excited are you to have Katie Fitzgerald as your partner for the weekend, and to hang with the other tendys, Sydney Rossman and Brittany Ott?

Amanda Leveille: I’m a big goalie fan, whoever they are. You can see that on my social media. I love the sport and I love all goaltenders. I’m pretty excited to be teammates with Katie - I played against her in the WCHA for four years. She is a fantastic goaltender and she’s an even better person, so I’m looking forward to being teammates with her. I don’t know Brittany and Sydney as well, but I’m really excited to get to meet them this weekend and learn more about them, as well as their pasts.

I don’t know, maybe do some crazy goalie stuff with them if they’re willing to put the pads on and walk into some public places to get some strange looks (smiles).

NWHL: Perfect setup for my last question, do you have any McLevman videos in the works that you can tell us about?

Amanda Leveille: Hopefully the other goalies will join me on my crazy adventures. I have a few ideas, but I’m not going to share them (smirks). I’ll let it be a surprise. 

NWHL: That’s okay! Maybe between the four of y’all you can get noticed by The Ellen Show, which is your dream, right?

Amanda Leveille: Yes. Exactly! That is mine and Kelsey’s (Neumann) biggest goal - to get on The Ellen Show.