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Team NWHL Q&A: Kiira Dosdall – “This Shows the Partnerships We’re Creating Across Hockey”

By Dan Rice, 12/28/17, 2:00PM EST


Photo By: Michael Hetzel

Kiira Dosdall has been with the NWHL from day one, patrolling the blueline for the Riveters for two and a half seasons. She’s currently in her eighth season of professional hockey (EWHL, CWHL, NWHL) since finishing her collegiate career at Colgate in 2009. Dosdall was truly humbled when she found out she had been chosen for Team NWHL when it meets the U.S. Olympic Team in Tampa on January 13 and 15.

How did you find out you had been named to the team?

Hayley Moore called me. I had been asking her a bunch of questions recently about something else, so I thought she was calling about that. I think I was silent for a good five seconds after she told me. It was a total shock, and then I processed it and was like: ‘What?’ (laughs). This is the first time for me in the NWHL being named to anything like this. I guess I knew it was a possibility but I didn’t put two and two together.

What does it mean for the league in just its third year to have this opportunity?

That’s really meaningful for me after being with the league for three years and being a part of these major stepping stones. This is one of the most exciting announcements that we’ve had because it just shows the partnerships that we’re creating across hockey, and this is a huge one. This is great for the growth of women’s hockey and it’s an awesome opportunity. I cannot wait to watch the Olympics, women’s hockey in particular, and I think this will be a really exciting prelude to that.

Five members of the Riveters’ D corps and your goalie will be there. How cool will that be to have them there with you for this experience?

Our team has been off to a great start so it’ll be awesome to have a big chunk of our team there. We’ve been pretty successful defensively this season so I’m happy to hear we have a core group of the Rivs that are going to be there. It’ll be special to do this with some people that I know really well. This will be fun.

Is this a once in a lifetime opportunity to play against an Olympic team?

Oh absolutely, yes. I’m already looking at this as something that I’m going to remember forever. We should know what to expect playing against them. I think it’ll be a fun game, and they should obviously beat us. But the plan is to give them a good fight.

You want to win, but any personal goals for the two games?

For me, my goals will be to just bring my best. You do that going into any game but this one is a little bit different. The goals will be to bring your best, play the speed of the game, and play them tough. I’m trying to wrap my head around it because the goal is to give them a good game and to prepare them for what they’re facing next. It’s a little bit of a different angle from your typical hockey game. It should be fun.