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By Staff, 08/17/17, 8:45PM EDT


Marchment, Cianfarano, Kent and Donovan Round Out Top Five

BROOKLYN, NY – Boston College’s Katie Burt, St. Lawrence’s Kennedy Marchment, Quinnipiac’s Taylar Cianfarano, BC’s Kenzie Kent and Brown’s Sam Donovan were the first five selections of the elite class of 20 players chosen tonight in the 2017 National Women’s Hockey League Draft.

The Boston Pride selected Burt with the first overall pick, which was acquired from the Connecticut Whale as part of the Zoe Hickel trade made last winter.

“It's an honor being drafted first overall with such an amazing draft class,” said Kent, who is 61-7-5 in her career so far at Boston College. “Being selected by a great organization like the Boston Pride is also truly an honor. I’m very excited to be a part of #ThePack.”

Said Boston College head coach Katie Crowley: “I'm really happy for Katie to be drafted first overall. She has been a rock for us in the net and I'm happy that she is getting this recognition as one of the world’s best goaltenders. She has the drive, leadership and work ethic to be the best and I know she'll continue to impress as her career continues.” 

Boston College, Boston University, and Northeastern each saw three of their players picked, while New Hampshire and Yale each had two selections from their programs. All drafted players are going into their senior years of college.

Draft picks by nationality: U.S. 13, Canada 6, Czech Republic 1.

Among the draft picks was Lexie Laing, the younger sister of Boston Pride players Denna and Brianna Laing. Laing, a forward from Harvard, was selected 12th overall by the Pride.

“I look forward to playing professionally in the NWHL after my college career like my sisters Denna and Brianna have,” said Laing. “I love to play the game so it's very exciting to help continue the growth of women's hockey.”


The 2017 NWHL Draft

Round 1: Katie Burt (BOS), Kennedy Marchment (BUF), Taylar Cianfarano (NYR), Kenzie Kent (BOS).

Round 2: Sam Donovan (CTW), Savannah Harmon (BUF), Victoria Bach (NYR), Mallory Souliotis (BOS).

Round 3: Eden Murray (CTW), Brittany Howard (BUF), McKenna Brand (NYR), Lexie Laing (BOS).

Round 4: Denisa Krizova (CTW), Annika Zalewski (BUF), Toni Ann Miano (NYR), Lauren Kelly (BOS).

Round 5: Nina Rodgers (CTW), Amy Schlagel (BUF), Rebecca Leslie (NYR), Julia Fedeski (BOS).

1. Katie Burt (Boston Pride): Goaltender, 5-6, from Lynn, Massachusetts

Boston College

Last season: 26-6-5, 1.54 GAA, .935 save pct.

College career: 61-7-5 in 108 games, 1.39 GAA, .939 save pct.

2. Kennedy Marchment (Buffalo Beauts): Forward, 5-8, from Courtice, Ontario

St. Lawrence

Last season: 20-36-56 in 36 games

College career: 43-71-114 in 108 games

3. Taylar Cianfarano (New York Riveters): Forward, 5-6, from Oswego, New York


Last season: 13-13-26 in 35 games

College career: 58-50-108 in 109 games

4. Kenzie Kent (Pride): Forward, 5-6, from Norwell, Massachusetts

Boston College

Last season: 9-17-26 in 39 games

College career: 31-76-107 in 119 games

Kent reaction: "Thank you to the Pride for the opportunity. I couldn't be more excited and honored to be in this position!"

Boston College head coach Katie Crowley: “Kenzie Kent is a great athlete who can elevate the game of those on her line. That's what is so unique about Kenzie, and the Pride will see that in her someday. I'm so happy for her to get drafted into the NWHL.”

5. Sam Donovan (Connecticut Whale): Forward, 5-2, from New Brighton, Minnesota


Last season: 9-12-21 in 29 games

College career: 28-24-52 in 87 games

Brown head coach Bob Kenneally: “Sam is one of the hardest workers, both on and off of the ice. A coach’s dream to coach, Sam is always looking to get better – whether it be through film, skill workouts or in the weight room. As a two-time assistant captain, Sam's leadership appears through her work ethic. We count on Sam on the power play, penalty kill and all-important faceoffs. I could not be more proud of what Sam has accomplished and what lies ahead for her.”

6. Savannah Harmon (Beauts): Defender, 5-3, from Downers Grove, Illinois


Last season: 11-25-36 in 41 games

College career: 22-57-79 in 119 games

7. Victoria Bach (Riveters): Forward, 5-4, from Milton, Ontario

Boston University

Last season: 23-26-49 in 36 games

College career: 65-66-131 in 112 games

8. Mallory Souliotis (Pride): Defender, 5-5, from Acton, Massachusetts


Last season: 3-9-12 in 31 games

College career: 8-39-47 in 87 games

9. Eden Murray (Whale): Forward, 5-4, from Medicine Hat, Alberta


Last season: 9-18-27 in 31 games

College career: 22-44-66 in 91 games

10. Brittany Howard (Beauts): Forward, 5-4, from St. Thomas Ontario

Robert Morris University

Last season: 20-30-50 in 35 games

College career: 54-78-132 in 107 games

11. McKenna Brand (Riveters): Forward, 5-6, from Nevis, Minnesota


Last season: 23-15-38 in 37 games

College career: 41-36-77 in 111 games

12. Lexie Laing (Pride): Forward, 5-6, from Marblehead, Massachusetts


Last season: 8-13-21 in 29 games

College career: 24-40-64 in 96 games

Harvard head coach Katey Stone: “Lexie has earned everything she gets. She will be a tremendous asset to the Pride, as she has been to Harvard Hockey. We are thrilled for her!”

13. Denisa Krizova (Whale): Forward, 5-5, from Horni Cerekev, Czech Republic


Last season: 18-27-45 in 34 games

College career: 51-88-139 in 104 games

14. Annika Zalewski (Beauts): Forward, 5-10, from New Hartford, New York


Last season: 11-13-24 in 36 games

College career: 30-31-61 in 90 games

Zalewski reaction: “I am very excited to be drafted by the Buffalo Beauts tonight. It would be an honor to continue my hockey career in the NWHL, and I'm excited for the opportunity to do so.”

Colgate head coach Greg Fargo: “We are very happy for Annika today. She's been a true professional throughout her Colgate career to this point and there is no doubt she'll be a great pro when she's ready to take that next step towards the NWHL. It's a very exciting day for her.”

15. Toni Ann Miano (Riveters): Defender, 5-4, from Bronx, New York

Boston College

Last season: 3-11-14 in 14 games

College career: 15-41-56 in 94 games

Miano reaction: “I am honored to be drafted by the Riveters and into the NWHL, allowing me to continue my hockey career as a professional athlete. I'm looking forward to representing my hometown.”

Boston College head coach Katie Crowley: “Toni Ann has a great head for the game of hockey.  She's is an elite defenseman who will elevate her game when the game is on the line. I'm excited for her to be drafted by the Riveters, as she's from there and will have a good following there. She’ll be a great player in the NWHL.”  

16. Lauren Kelly (Pride): Defender, 5-6, from Watertown, Massachusetts


Last season: 2-8-10 in 37 games

College career: 13-30-43 in 107 games

17. Nina Rodgers (Whale): Forward, 5-5, from Minnetonka, Minnesota

Boston University (transferred in 2016 after two years at Minnesota)

Last season: 11-20-31 in 37 games

College career: 20-26-46 in 118 games

18. Amy Schlagel (Beauts): Defender, 5-7, from Blaine, Minnesota

New Hampshire

Last season: 13-10-23 in 35 games

College career: 29-25-54 in 107 games

19. Rebecca Leslie (Riveters): Forward, 5-6, from Ottawa, Ontario

Boston University

Last season: 16-18-34 in 32 games

College career: 45-69-114 in 106 games

20. Julia Fedeski (Pride): Defender, 5-10, from Algonquin Highlands, Ontario

New Hampshire

Last season: 6-16-22 in 35 games

College career: 10-28-38 in 94 games

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