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By Staff, 09/20/17, 3:00PM EDT


PHOTO CRED: Troy Parla

The Isobel Cup is on tour this summer! Stay up-to-date here on all the places The Cup goes this off-season.

March 19th: It's raised.

Later that night: It's bathed.

Early morning on March 20th: The Cup stops for groceries on its way home.

Afternoon of March 20th: The Isobel Cup visits HARBORCENTER for the first time.

March 21st: Isobel and the Beauts visit the Buffalo Sabres!

March 23rd: Isobel made it clear that she wasn't a fire hydrant.

March 25th: Isobel goes singin' in the rain.

March 29th: Krusher and some Beauts stopped by a local Dunkin Donuts with Isobel in tow!

March 29th: Some of the Beauts brought Isobel to the Pittsburgh Penguins game.

March 30th: The Beauts were congratulated and honored by Erie County Legislation for being Isobel Cup Champions!

April 3rd: April 3rd is officially declared Buffalo Beauts Day in Buffalo by the city's mayor!

April 7th: Isobel visited the K.I.A Memorial March group at their "Toast For The Fallen" event.

April 23rd: Isobel and the Beauts went to the Buffalo Bisons game to sign autographs, throw out the first pitch and of course, watch some baseball!

June 4th: Isobel joins some Beauts at Buffalo Pride!

June 5th: Isobel joins Hayley Scamurra for her workout to start the #IsobelCupTour.

June 8th: Hayley Scamurra brought Isobel to her local rink for on-ice lessons!

June 9th: Hayley and Isobel stopped by her alma mater, the Nichols School, for a campus visit.

June 11th: Hayley's week with Isobel ends at Canalside in Buffalo!

June 21st: The #IsobelCupTour continues with Harrison Browne in Toronto!

June 21st: Isobel spent a night in watching the NHL Awards.

June 23rd: Isobel and Harrison take a road trip!

June 25th: Harrison brings Isobel along to march in the Toronto Pride Parade!

July 5th: Izzy has landed in Pittsburgh to continue the #IsobelCupTour!

July 5th: Izzy also reunites with Brianne McLaughlin!

July 6th: Bruno has his breakfast in a special bowl.

July 7th: Izzy makes an appearance at Brianne McLaughlin's camp in Pittsburgh!

July 7th: Brianne brings Izzy to her alma mater, Robert Morris University!

July 8th: Izzy has a night out.

July 10th: Brianne and Izzy enjoy a day out and about.

July 15th: Isobel took a trip to New Jersey for the MeiGray Jersey Expo!

July 23rd: Isobel is spending some time at the NWHL headquarters!

August 8th: Jacquie Greco's week with Isobel has started and she's looking for the perfect spot in Buffalo to have dinner!

August 8th: Jacquie and Isobel found a great place to eat!

August 8th: Jacquie and Isobel also visited Buffalo's Shakespeare in the Park!

August 9th: Isobel has a full sushi experience.

August 10th: Jacquie takes Isobel to see the home of the Buffalo Bills and on a tour of New Era's HQ!

August 11th: Jacquie and Isobel visit Roswell Park.

August 16th: The #IsobelCupTour continues with Emily Janiga!

August 16th: Isobel getting in on the farm action. 

August 18th: Isobel gets in on some slushie action on BYOCup day!

August 19th: Isobel gets a taste of some Buffalo wings!

August 20th: Krusher brought the Isobel to the Kia Memorial  Road March!

August 28th: Izzy on a paddle boat!

August 30th: Isobel spends the day at the fire house with Paige Harrington!

September 2nd: Isobel enjoying some fun in the sun!

September 12th: Isobel spending some time in Columbus, Ohio with Lisa Chesson!