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5 in 5 with the Metropolitan Riveters' Rebecca Morse

By Dan Rice, 08/23/19, 2:00PM EDT



Rebecca Morse has been a valuable teammate for the Metropolitan Riveters franchise over the past three seasons, perhaps their Swiss-Army Knife. She has seen time at her natural position on defense and also at forward, doing whatever the team needs her to do on any given day.

The Westfield, New Jersey, native is a huge New Jersey Devils fan and lived out a dream while skating for the Riveters in the home of her favorite team, and also winning a championship there as well. 

"I’m really eager to get back on the ice with the Riveters," said Morse, of the start of the season approaching. "To see what that looks like, and what the league looks like. I’m really anxious and looking forward to it.”

Riveters season tickets go on sale Saturday at 9 AM at

In this summer series, we’ll go head to head with a different player in every edition, asking them five questions in five minutes for season five of the NWHL. 

1) If you could invite three people to a dream dinner who would they be and why?
I always say (New Jersey Devils goaltender and Hockey Hall-of-Famer) Martin Brodeur when I get this question so I’m glad I have a prepared answer! I always try not to say three hockey people, so I’ll go with another athlete - Billie Jean King. She had a phenomenal career and quieted everyone who said that a woman couldn’t beat a man in a tennis match. I remember taking a History of American Sports class in high school and I didn’t really know who she was before that class. After learning about her she has always been someone who I looked up to. Third, I’ll say someone like Steve Jobs or Mark Cuban, for the business side in me, since I work in marketing. I have an interest in how they developed their companies and really grown them. Sitting down at dinner with either of them I would have the opportunity to ask them a million questions that I have and I feel I could learn a lot from that discussion. 

2) You have played forward and defense in the NWHL. Would you rather score a game-winning goal or block a shot in the dying seconds that saves a win?
I want to say block the shot because defense is my natural position for the majority of my hockey career, and that’s generally more of the type of role that I am in. But I really consider myself a forward now and who knows what’s going to happen next season. Potentially and hopefully, I play a little bit of both. I think the more celebrated role is obviously the game-winning goal - where you get more recognition. But I love a good underdog story, the people who are underrated and go unnoticed. I’ve always resonated with that type of player and person. Everyone wants to score a goal, right? But not everyone is willing to block a shot. 

3) Where would your dream vacation be if you haven’t already gone on it?
A few places are on my list and two of them are centered around food! I really want to go to Thailand and try things from the huge street food scene that they have there. I’d also like to go to China too because Asian cuisine is my favorite. The third location would be South Africa. I really want to go on a safari. 

4) What’s your pregame routine like - do you listen to music, do the same things, etc?
I wouldn’t say I’m superstitious, but I’m very routine-oriented - both in hockey and outside the rink in my personal life. Every game is pretty much the same. I get to the rink and get changed into my warmup clothes. I always tape up my stick first, then usually a quick stretch before a team meeting and then play soccer with my teammates. I always love playing soccer because I played growing up. Then I’ll break away and do a short warmup on my own before heading back to our locker room. I used to listen to a lot more music on my headphones but I’ve moved away from doing that since I’ve been with the Riveters and maybe part of the reason is being more present in what’s going on around the team. 

5) Coolest thing about winning the Isobel Cup? (Somewhere you went, someone you met?)
I had it for a while so I was able to do a bunch of things and I was thinking about it recently because I had it around this time last summer. My favorite thing was actually before I had it, going to the New Jersey State Assembly down in Trenton, New Jersey, and sitting in on a voting session. That was really interesting and something I had never witnessed. It was cool to meet people who are in positions of power within my home state and I learned a lot quite frankly. To be able to give a speech there as well in front of the general assembly was fun, and to spread awareness about the Riveters and our league was great. It’d be one thing to just be there and hold the Cup, but to be able to speak, it really was a big honor. It was pretty nerve-wracking. If I think back over the last few years about what was the most nerve-wracking experiences I’ve had, this was right up there with being on the NHL Network. But I think both experiences went pretty well.