NWHL and NWHL Players’ Association Unite with Power the Polls to Launch ‘NWHL Votes’

by NWHL Media

BROOKLYN – On National Voter Registration Day, the National Women’s Hockey League and the NWHL Players’ Association have unveiled “NWHL Votes” – a league-wide, non-partisan initiative to inspire fans, staff, players, and everyone in the close-knit hockey community to register to vote and to participate in the upcoming elections on November 3. 



In addition to driving registration and encouraging everyone to check their voting status with our friends at Headcount, the NWHL has partnered with Power the Polls and become a member of the Civic Alliance. Power the Polls is recruiting poll workers to help ensure a safe and secure election. As a member of the Civic Alliance, the NWHL proudly stands with more than 200 major companies – including other sports leagues and teams – collaborating to encourage participation in the 2020 elections.

“We’re proud to partner with the National Women's Hockey League and so grateful to these women who are using their voices to help ensure the upcoming election is safe, fair, and accessible for all,” said Erika Soto Lamb, a founder of Power the Polls and Vice President of Social Impact Strategy at Comedy Central and MTV. “Not enough poll workers means not enough polling locations means long lines that disenfranchise people who can’t afford to wait to vote. Power the Polls is sounding the alarm bell to recruit the next generation of poll workers who will protect our democracy and ensure access to safe, fair, and smooth elections for more American voters. Thank you to the NWHL for joining us in this effort”

NWHL Votes was launched today with a PSA and social media campaign asking viewers to “Game-Plan to Vote,” conduct research on local and national elections, and serve their communities as a poll worker or volunteer on Election Day. Featured in the video are:

Briana Mastel and Mallory Souliotis, Boston Pride
Whitney Dove, Dominique Kremer, and associate coach Rhea Coad, Buffalo Beauts
Melissa Samoskevich, Connecticut Whale
Rebecca Morse and Madison Packer, Metropolitan Riveters
Meaghan Pezon, Minnesota Whitecaps
Mikyla Grant-Mentis, Toronto Six
Anya Packer, NWHLPA Executive Director Dani Rylan Kearney, NWHL Founder, and Commissioner

“In this moment, the NWHL embraces the responsibility of harnessing the power of our players and platforms to inspire fans and everyone in the hockey community to mobilize, volunteer, research, register, and vote,” said Rylan Kearney. “The league is united on this project with the great athletes and role models in the NWHL Players’ Association, and we hope everyone joins us in participating and voting.”

Over the next six weeks, the NWHL will share information on the voting process, inspire volunteerism, and continue to drive voter registration. An October episode of “NWHL Open Ice” – the league’s popular talk show on Twitch – will also include NWHL Votes segments.

“The extraordinary legacy of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg illustrates how far women have come, and how important it is to continue to lift our voices,” said Anya Packer. “NWHL Votes is our way of reinforcing that we all have a voice, and that voice matters!”

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