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NWHL Awards

NWHL Awards

Since the NWHL's founding, the league has presented awards to its teams and players to honor excellence. These awards are not just for elite play, but also for contributions off the ice — in the form of the Denna Laing Award and the NWHL Foundation Awards.

These honors are voted on by the players (MVP and Laing Awards), a select panel of media (Defender of the Year, Goaltender of the Year, and starting in 2018, Rookie of the Year), league office (Foundation Awards) and the fans (the 3 Stars of the Season).

Awards are announced via social media on the NWHL’s platforms on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.


Most Valuable Player

2018-19: Maddie Elia, Buffalo Beauts

2017-18: Alexa Gruschow, Metropolitan Riveters

2016-17: Brianna Decker, Boston Pride

2015-16: Brianna Decker, Boston Pride 



Goaltender of the Year

2018-19: Shannon Szabados, Buffalo Beauts

2017-18: Amanda Leveille, Buffalo Beauts

2016-17: Katie Fitzgerald, New York Riveters

2016-17: Brittany Ott, Boston Pride 



Best Defender 

2018-19: Blake Bolden, Buffalo Beauts

2017-18: Courtney Burke, Metropolitan Riveters

2016-17: Megan Bozek, Buffalo Beauts

2015-16: Gigi Marvin, Boston Pride


Rookie/Newcomer of the Year 

2018-19: Jonna Curtis, Minnesota Whitecaps

2017-18: Hayley Scamurra, Buffalo Beauts



Denna Laing Award (Formerly: Perseverance Award): Awarded to the player who most exemplifies the qualities of perseverance, sportsmanship, and dedication to her sport.

2018-19: Jillian Dempsey, Boston Pride 

2017-18: Jillian Dempsey, Boston Pride 

2016-17: Ashley Johnston, New York Riveters 

2015-16: Denna Laing, Boston Pride


NWHL Foundation Award: Awarded to the player most actively applying the core values of hockey to her community as well as growing and improving hockey culture.

2018-19: Kelly Babstock, Buffalo Beauts; Kimberly Sass, Metropolitan Riveters; Sarah Hughson, Connecticut Whale; Hannah Brandt, Minnesota Whitecaps; Mallory Souliotis, Boston Pride

2017-18: Rachael Ade, Connecticut Whale; Lexi Bender, Boston Pride; Jacquie Greco, Buffalo Beauts; Michelle Picard, Metropolitan Riveters 

2016-17: Alyssa Gagliardi, Boston Pride; Kelsey Neumann, Buffalo Beauts; Elena Orlando, Connecticut Whale; Michelle Picard, New York Riveters

2015-16: Denna Laing, Boston Pride 


NWHL Fans’ Three Stars of the Season

2018-19: Madison Packer, Metropolitan Riveters; Katerina Mrazova, Connecticut Whale; Amanda Boulier, Minnesota Whitecaps

2017-18: Sophia Agostinelli, Connecticut Whale; Harrison Browne, Metropolitan Riveters; Hayley Scamurra, Buffalo Beauts

2016-17: Anya Battaglino, Connecticut Whale; Harrison Browne, Buffalo Beauts; Rebecca Russo, New York Riveters



Leading Scorer Award

2017-18: Hayley Scamurra, Buffalo Beauts

2017-18: Alexa Gruschow, Metropolitan Riveters

2016-17: Brianna Decker, Boston Pride

2015-16: Hilary Knight, Boston Pride



Regular Season Champions

2018-19: Minnesota Whitecaps

2017-18: Metropolitan Riveters

2016-17: Boston Pride 

2015-16: Boston Pride



Isobel Cup Champions

2018-19: Minnesota Whitecaps

2017-18: Metropolitan Riveters

2016-17: Buffalo Beauts

2015-16: Boston Pride