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By Rich Furlong, 06/26/17, 12:30PM EDT


PHOTO CRED: Troy Parla

It's been ten days now since the Buffalo Beauts were crowned Isobel Cup Champions, and in that time it's been tough to track all the people and places the Isobel Cup has seen. 

Here's a quick recap of the Cup's activities:

March 19th: It's raised.

Later that night: It's bathed.

Early morning on March 20th: The Cup stops for groceries on its way home.

Afternoon of March 20th: The Isobel Cup visits HARBORCENTER for the first time.

March 21st: Isobel and the Beauts visit the Buffalo Sabres!

March 23rd: Isobel made it clear that she wasn't a fire hydrant.

March 25th: Isobel goes singin' in the rain.

March 29th: Krusher and some Beauts stopped by a local Dunkin Donuts with Isobel in tow!

March 29th: Some of the Beauts brought Isobel to the Pittsburgh Penguins game.

March 30th: The Beauts were congratulated and honored by Erie County Legislation for being Isobel Cup Champions!

April 3rd: April 3rd is officially declared Buffalo Beauts Day in Buffalo by the city's mayor!

April 7th: Isobel visited the K.I.A Memorial March group at their "Toast For The Fallen" event.

April 23rd: Isobel and the Beauts went to the Buffalo Bisons game to sign autographs, throw out the first pitch and of course, watch some baseball!

June 4th: Isobel joins some Beauts at Buffalo Pride!

June 5th: Isobel joins Hayley Scamurra for her workout to start the #IsobelCupTour.

June 8th: Hayley Scamurra brought Isobel to her local rink for on-ice lessons!

June 9th: Hayley and Isobel stopped by her alma mater, the Nichols School, for a campus visit.

June 11th: Hayley's week with Isobel ends at Canalside in Buffalo!

June 21st: The #IsobelCupTour continues with Harrison Browne in Toronto!

June 21st: Isobel spent a night in watching the NHL Awards.

June 23rd: Isobel and Harrison take a road trip!

June 25th: Harrison brings Isobel along to march in the Toronto Pride Parade!